Acquitted in Arson Charges Trial

Processes – Hanau : acquittal in the process of arson allegations confirmed

A prosecutor stands in front of a stack of court documents. Photo: Christian Charisius/dpa/Symbolbild (Photo: dpa)

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Hanau (dpa/lhe) – In the trial of allegations of arson against a former member of the voluntary fire brigade in Neuberg in the Main-Kinzig district, the Hanau Regional Court confirmed the acquittal of the accused. The court is convinced that the evidence did not provide sufficient objective evidence that the accused had actually set fire, a court spokeswoman said on Monday. A conviction was therefore out of the question.

The man, born in 2001, was accused of having completed three years as an adolescent in Neuberg in spring 2020 and having attempted arson. He had previously been acquitted by the Hanau district court. After the public prosecutor’s office appealed against this, the case went to the next instance. According to the court spokeswoman, more than 20 witnesses were heard during the trial before the district court in Hanau. However, none of them saw the crime, so the Chamber had to weigh up the evidence.

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