Blue sheep experience their blue miracle

With art in public space , that’s not an easy thing. Most of the time she isn’t there at all, because the local politician is many things in himself, but in his majority he isn’t: artistic. And if a work of art does stray into public view, the same somehow always has a problem with it, the everyday passer-by always feels challenged to commit a crime. Rarely that the object survives as long as it was intended. This experience is currently happening in Maisach.

There, the community at the town hall treated themselves to a bit of art in the garden. For 1000 euros, the purchase was definitely a bargain, even if it is a “serial work of art”, i.e. not a one-off. Because for this low price, the buyer gets a whole lot of symbolic value. Action artist Rainer Bonk wants to “give food for thought, point out what connects us and promote peaceful coexistence and tolerance, based on the appreciation of others,” says the package insert from the community’s press department. All of this should be written on the faces and bodies of the characters.

A group of sheep is given the weighty task of being speechless cosmopolitan ambassadors of peace. Three cubs and two parents were chosen for this, designed in the lovely style of naïve art and uniformly coated with a deep-psychological coat of paint: “The signal color blue stands for the connecting factor – it is the color of the EU, the UNO as well as UNESCO and UNICEF.” This is what one reads on a sign that is added to the installation and which also explains that the small family here in Maisach is only the tiny part of a “blue herd” that is distributed and set up all over Europe.

Everyone can read that these are high-quality tolerance carriers, even if they don’t see it. But that didn’t interest even a philistine who behaved quite intolerantly towards the work of art. Although the community had already expected such trouble and had therefore fastened the “Blue Sheep” to a fence, an unknown parent animal was untied and placed next to the group. It is currently in safe custody in the town hall, but is to be installed outside again soon so that the family is complete again in the traditional sense and is not a symbol of single-parent care structures.

In the middle of Maisach: hands off: there can't be more explanation about a work of art. The information sign next to the installation leaves no questions unanswered.

Hands off: There can’t be more explanation about a work of art. The information sign next to the installation leaves no questions unanswered.

(Photo: Leonhard Simon)

And even if the intention is less brute and the cute figures should tempt to harmless handling, they are not outdoor toys: “Our small flock of sheep just wants your attention – petting them, climbing or sitting on the sheep will harm you.” Because the information sign is probably not read enough, especially not to this friendly end, the municipality wants to take measures: A low paddock is planned, “which at least indicates the animals’ worth of protection and is intended to discourage inexperienced approaches”. Not that the blue sheep end up experiencing their blue miracle in Maisach.

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