Boredom robbery

According to Donald Trump, the United States is “going to hell”. During his speeches, the former president likes to point to Washington , which is becoming a sinkhole under the leadership of the Democrats. Now the capital has delivered another anecdote that suits Trump. Football pro Brian Robinson was shot dead in a popular nightlife area on Sunday when two youths tried to steal his sports car, a Dodge Charger Hellcat.

The 23-year-old’s injuries were not considered life-threatening. Robinson was taken to the hospital and was visited Sunday night by the Washington Commanders coach, who had recently hired him as an offensive player. The alleged perpetrators have not yet been caught; police are looking for two youths wearing t-shirts with yellow smiley faces.

The attack on Robinson is not an isolated case. In Washington, on average, several cars are robbed each day, most of them at gunpoint. The phenomenon has risen sharply in many cities across the country, but some police districts in the capital stand out. It’s mostly those who are in the midst of gentrification. There, expensive sports cars cruise past new bars and luxury residential towers. But poverty and misery are visibly and tangibly close. In these areas, the number of gun-toting auto thefts more than doubled in the past year after a sharp rise in the previous year.

Young people post videos of their jaunts on social media

The beginning of the wave can be pinpointed: April 2020, when the Covid curfew began. A few months later, the police set up a special task force. Since then, however, the situation has not calmed down, which is probably due to the fact that, according to police statistics, a maximum of a quarter of cases are solved. The perpetrators who are caught are mostly young people. They post videos of their jaunts on social media, some still laughing even when being chased by the police.

Experts agree to some extent on how to deal with the phenomenon. Because of the pandemic, young people lost access to all leisure activities. Although these are now available again, further investments in social work are urgently needed so that young people have a daily structure and future prospects.

The problems are immense, especially in those neighborhoods where disadvantaged groups live, especially Afro-Americans and Latinos. Experts report that the trauma of young people is increasing in their environment full of violence, drugs, poverty and a lack of prospects. Counteracting this with social work is exhausting and tedious.

As so often, Donald Trump has a supposedly simpler solution to offer: He wants to send the soldiers of the National Guard to clean up hell.

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