dream and fever

Sometimes life is a game. Then you have to put everything on one card to win. For Matteo Germeno, 22, this time came last year. It was then that he decided to leave the band idreamt and continue on his own. The musician had spent most of his youth rehearsing in basements. Three to four times a week, with different bands . A formative time: “I needed people around me to even go on stage, because I’m not an extroverted guy. Without this experience, I could never have made the music I’m making today,” says Matteo.

It was clear to him early on that music is not just a hobby, but the only job he can imagine. “I’ve always been passionate about making music professionally and have been looking for like-minded people.” But the search proved difficult. The decision to pursue a solo career was like a liberation, Matteo says today. Also in relation to the sound: “I always wanted the songs to sound more pop. I don’t understand why everything that’s commercial is considered uncool. The beauty of music is that it brings people together.”

And the decision has paid off: Matteo is now under contract with Sony. A few weeks ago he released his first single: “Fever Dream”. A dreamy, catchy indie pop song that draws inspiration from the past while sounding cutting edge at the same time. Musical influences range from The Police , The Clash and The Cure to The Killers , U2 and The 1975 .

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