Dresden banquet for diversity: record for bridging

Dresden (dpa/sn) – The sixth banquet “Dresden is (s)t colorful” connects the two banks of the Elbe in the city this year. On September 5th, 240 tables form a 340 meter long banquet on the Augustus Bridge. The joint meal should be a commitment by civil society to diversity and cosmopolitanism, as the organizers announced on Monday. Bridges should be built between different origins or views of life in the city, said Mayor Dirk Hilbert (FDP). At the banquet you can “get to know the supposedly foreign in a pleasant culinary way and get into conversation”.

With 113 cultural partners and 76 sponsors, more actors than ever before are taking part in the event. Museums and theatres, educational and social institutions, religious communities, clubs, scientific institutes, city and state as well as companies ensure that people dine, dance and play from the Schlossplatz to the Goldener Reiter.

Co-initiator Gerhard Ehninger from the leading Cellex Foundation spoke of a “community in diversity”. This is needed right now. “We have to stand together, link our arms and solve the problems that come our way.” The arson attack on a refugee accommodation in Leipzig makes it clear how important this community is for a peaceful Dresden, “that doesn’t just make itself known through negative news”.

Hilbert referred to the civil society commitment against the abuse of Monday in the city. At a time when a lot is being expected of people because of the war, this is “anything but a matter of course”.

The “Dresden is(s)t bunt” banquet was held for the first time in 2015 to counter Pegida’s loud verbal protests with the rather quiet coexistence. According to Ehninger, the silent majority must become louder – so that Dresden remains worth living in for those who have to flee or who come here for private or professional reasons.

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