Further delays in the construction of the bridge in Dorfen

Work on the B-15 Isen Bridge in Dorfen is again not progressing as planned. In June, the State Building Authority announced that the schedule was getting out of hand because the subsoil of the Isen was so hard that there were problems installing the sheet piling. Completion is no longer expected by the end of 2022, and work will have to continue in spring 2023. In order to make faster progress, the State Building Authority announced that the road construction work in the vicinity of the bridge should be brought forward.

In August they should start in the southern part of the bridge between the intersection of Rosenaustraße, Gartenstraße and Jahnstraße. By the end of the summer holidays, they should have been completed to such an extent that the way to school through the Altöttinger Tor and over the temporary bridge is again free of construction sites. Despite this announced catch-up action, nothing has happened yet.

As the building authority explained when asked on Monday, the city of Dorfen only announced on August 12 which paving stones should be used there, said press spokesman Thomas Jakob. “And only then could we order them.” The work is expected to start later this week. In addition, the district heating line in Jahnstraße will not be laid after all. “They found another solution.” The goal is still to complete this construction site by the start of school. If this does not succeed, a way to school will be signposted via the Rosenau crossing. If the children should take a shortcut via the Käserweg and thus via the construction site, this is “the responsibility of the parents”.

The entire construction phase is accompanied by bankruptcies, bad luck and breakdowns

The entire construction phase to date has been accompanied by bankruptcies, bad luck and breakdowns. Before the B-15 bridge was demolished, a temporary bridge had to be built for pedestrians, cyclists, police, fire and rescue services. But the construction of the original planning was not available, so other steel girders had to be used, and the planning, foundation and statics had to be changed. That took several weeks.

There were also further delays in the demolition of the B-15 Isen Bridge. The hard ground presented difficulties. In order to be able to drive the sheet piling to the required depth, an alternative method had to be used. The State Building Authority, which had always emphasized that it was still on schedule, then announced in mid-July that the bridge would not be completed this year. How long the construction work will take in spring 2023 is not foreseeable.

An important school route runs in the area of the construction site

However, the building authority also announced in mid-July that it would bring forward the construction work south of the Isen Bridge during the summer holidays so that it would be completed by the end of the holiday period. This is not entirely unimportant, after all, there is an important way to school that should not be interrupted by a construction site. And the authorities had emphasized that they could do it in this time window. An ambitious approach, after all, the sidewalk should be widened in this section, the cycle path lengthened and the district heating line laid.

Stadtwerke Dorfen, which operates the district heating network, also assumed this time frame. A nearly 50 meter long district heating pipe has been lying next to the road for weeks, where it is to be installed. In addition, several cubic meters of excavated material from the bridge construction site pile up on the street. Otherwise, no structural work is to be noted in this section south of the bridge. The municipal utilities, which according to their own statements would be ready to lay the pipes at any time, did not know on Friday why the construction was being delayed and when it should start. The town of Dorfen has also been left in the dark as to why no work is being done in the southern section. “We only have the old knowledge that the construction site will be completed by the end of the holidays,” said press spokeswoman Gudrun Gersbach.

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