New relief: From direct payment to a 49-euro ticket

This week is not just a cabinet retreat, September also marks the beginning of autumn. And the second half of autumn is often so cold in Germany that you want to turn on the heating. So how are you supposed to solve all the problems related to this this year very quickly?

In the run-up to the cabinet meeting, the SPD circulated its ideas for another aid package: an electricity and gas price brake. This means that basic needs should remain affordable for everyone. Only those who need more energy than the basic requirement should have to pay the high prices. But how high do you set this basic requirement? Not an easy question to which the SPD still has no answer. In addition, she wants to relieve particularly needy groups such as low earners, students and pensioners with direct payments. In addition, tenants should not be allowed to terminate their contract if they cannot pay their ancillary costs. And the 9-euro ticket is to be followed by a 49-euro ticket.

Which of these ideas bring the most – and why is there so much friction in the traffic light at the moment? This is what Henrike Roßbach, deputy head of the SZ parliamentary office in Berlin, is talking about.

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