Rescue control center is more expensive than planned

The costs for the new construction of the integrated control center for the fire brigade and rescue services are already increasing, although the groundbreaking ceremony for the building in the new industrial park in Gernlinden has not even taken place yet. The construction project, which was originally supposed to cost 44.5 million euros, is now around 47 million. And it is to be feared that it will become even more expensive before the planned groundbreaking in August 2023, because the procurement of materials will probably remain difficult and energy prices will probably rise. The district authority is already expecting a seven percent increase in construction prices next year.

Maisach/Gernlinden: Many screens: A look at the integrated control center at the district office in Fürstenfeldbruck.

Many screens: A look at the integrated control center at the district office in Fürstenfeldbruck.

(Photo: Carmen Voxbrunner)

The new construction of the integrated control center, abbreviated to ILS, is necessary because the accommodation at the Fürstenfeldbruck district office, which has been in operation since 2007, no longer meets the increased requirements, neither organizationally nor technically. The control center coordinates the operations of ambulances and fire brigades in four districts. In addition to Fürstenfeldbruck, the districts of Starnberg, Dachau and Landsberg am Lech also belong to it. The new building is to be erected in the Maisacher district of Gernlinden, west of state road 2345 and close to the railway overpass. A 4,600 square meter plot of land was acquired for construction in the newly created commercial area.

According to a report from the district office, the costs are currently 47 million euros. The increase compared to the original estimates is justified, among other things, by higher demands on IT technology. The building also needs its own transformer. Bayernwerke only recently announced this, according to the documents for the district councillors. A further element for the increase lies in the rising prices for construction and technology. The increases affect every area, it says in the documents.

chemicals in groundwater

In addition, the perfluorinated and polyfluorinated chemicals (PFC) found in groundwater represent a cost risk. They were noticed during investigations for a groundwater pump. The use of such a pump is intended to generate energy for the new building. Because of their harmful effects on health, the German Drinking Water Ordinance recommends a guideline value of 0.1 micrograms per liter (one millionth of a gram) for PFC. In the groundwater examined, however, the value was 0.4 micrograms. Bernd Brach suspects that the chemicals come from the extinguishing foam that used to be used during fire drills at the air base. PFCs have already been found on Air Force premises. Brach is the managing director of the special-purpose association for rescue services and fire brigade alerting in Fürstenfeldbruck. The association is the client of the new building in the commercial area of Gernlinden.

For the ILS construction site, this means that any groundwater present in the excavation pit must not simply seep away, but must be cleaned thoroughly before it seeps away so that the chemicals are eliminated. According to Brach, a groundwater treatment plant would cost 356,000 euros. Whether water purification is necessary depends on the height of the groundwater level. At the moment, this is too low to expect groundwater leakage. There is no groundwater to be seen on the neighboring properties, which are already being built on. However, a rainy winter or a lot of water in the spring could change this.

The building administration of the district office is already pricing in a further 2.5 million euros in costs for the year 2023. In doing so, the authority wants to do justice to the current development of rising construction prices. According to the meeting proposal, the office that controls the project also recommends including such a sum. The project costs thus rose to 49.5 million euros.

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