Secure connection to Neukeferloh

After years of planning, accompanied by difficult negotiations with property owners, the cycle path along the M 25 district road between Grasbrunn and the Neukeferloh district has finally been completed. At the end of last week, district administrator Christoph Göbel (CSU) and Grasbrunn’s mayor Klaus Korneder (SPD) opened the now structurally complete section between the Grasbrunn sports park and the entrance to Neukeferloh. At the same time, Göbel spoke of intensive years of preparation and negotiations that ultimately paid off. “The citizens of Grasbrunn can now finally cover the distance between the districts quickly and, above all, safely,” said the district administrator.

Mobility: The first section of the new cycle path between Grasbrunn and the sports field was put into operation in 2019.

The first section of the new cycle path between Grasbrunn and the sports field was put into operation in 2019.

(Photo: Sebastian Gabriel)

The first, approximately 700-metre-long section from Grasbrunn to the sports field went into operation in 2019, after the district council had decided on construction two years earlier; However, due to complex negotiations with property owners, the construction of the second phase was delayed, but it has now been completed – after the last property issue between the municipality of Grasbrunn and the owner, who had refused to sell until the end, could be clarified by mutual agreement. This means that pedestrians and cyclists have a safe two-kilometre connection between the two districts of Grasbrunn.

The district of Munich , as the responsible authority, spent a lot of money on this, but also received generous support from the federal government. The planning and implementation of the project, including all accompanying measures such as the necessary compensation for the protected forest, cost around 1.3 million euros. Upon application, the district received around one million euros from the Federal Ministry of Transport’s “Town and Country” funding program, which accounts for 75 percent of the total eligible costs.

The bike path is cleared in winter

The bus stop on line 240 was also made barrier-free, and a safe crossing of the M 25 (Waldbrunner Straße) was made possible. And the cycle path itself can be used all year round because – like all cycle paths along county roads – it is cleared in winter.

Grasbrunn’s Mayor Korneder was also relieved that the project could finally be completed. “If you consider how long the preparations for the construction of the cycle path took, then the opening is something very special,” said the mayor at the opening. District Administrator Göbel added that the district is vigorously promoting the expansion of the cycle path network, because there is enormous potential for mobility in the future.

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