Suspended sentences for ex-slaughterhouse employees

Bad Iburg (dpa) – The district court of Bad Iburg has imposed suspended prison sentences on three former employees of a slaughterhouse that has since been closed for violating the Animal Welfare Act. The 46-year-old former CEO was given a two-year suspended sentence on Monday, while his 33- and 35-year-old former employees received a nine-month suspended sentence. In addition, the three men have to pay a total of 6,500 euros to the animal welfare association in Osnabrück.

Lawyers and prosecutors said they would not appeal. The judgment is thus final. The defendants had admitted the violations during the hearing and also expressed their remorse.

In August and September 2018, the animal rights organization Soko Tierschutz secretly made video recordings in the now closed slaughterhouse in Bad Iburg. The recordings, some of which were shown during the trial, showed how old and sick animals , some of which could hardly walk, were pulled out of the cattle trailers with a cable winch. In some cases, stun guns were also used to prod the animals. The judge said it should have been clear to all the accused that the animals were suffering from great pain.

A representative of the organization Soko Tierschutz spoke of a black day for animal welfare. The court missed an opportunity with the lenient verdict. This verdict does not deter future perpetrators.

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