This is how you prevent back problems on the computer

Baden-Baden (dpa / tmn) – Whether on the computer or on the console: If you play a lot or work on the computer, you usually sit a lot. This often leads to mistakes. This is what physiotherapist Alexander Srokovskyi points out.

In particular, hours of looking at a screen lead to a forward-leaning neck posture. In the long run, there is a risk of a hunchback, the so-called “gambler’s hump”.

The physiotherapist recommends switching from sitting to standing more often or taking a short break. This not only increases your concentration, but also reduces the likelihood of neck tension and headaches.

Also important: Make sure that the gaming chair relieves the lumbar spine, for example with an integrated lumbar support on the chair.

A few quick muscle memory exercises

Short exercises could also help “to give the muscle memory a small daily update for a healthy posture before bad posture is stored there,” says Srokovskyi.

He describes an example of a simple, one-minute exercise: To do this, place both legs shoulder-width apart, move your arms slightly backwards, spread them away from your body and stretch your fingers. Now crouch slightly, tilt your head slightly downwards and apply pressure under both feet on the outside and at the same time on the ball of the big toe by pressing them towards the floor. At the same time stretch your arms outwards and hold the pose intensely for three seconds.

Repeat the movement a total of ten times, not leaving the squat and slowly letting go of the tension between the individual repetitions.

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