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“Whatever ends up on this square – you can’t look at it in isolation,” said Free Voter City Councilor in Grafing and architect Christian Einhellig. “Opposite is Brunnenplatz in front of the rectory. Steps lead down to Rotter Straße. Öxinger Platz is exactly on the other side of the street.” He will shape the area for decades, maybe even centuries. And then: “Above all, I would like to suggest that no hasty decisions are made now. What does the square look like in winter when there is snow? What does it look like when the trees are in bloom in early summer?”

The unanimous warning from an SZ interview in January 2018 was no coincidence. Some of the pressure had built up over the years. The new square to be planned not far from the historic city center, which could not become too sterile. The small watercourse that was once considered, which the city council, with a cost estimate of a few hundred thousand euros, quite understandably rejected. Or a neighbor’s attempt to influence the design and tendering of the space in his favor with a large donation, including Rotter Straße painted blue and white.

In the meantime, the place has been well received by the Grafingers

This kind of thing now belongs in the history book of the square. “It’s simply a win for the cityscape and the whole city,” says First Mayor Christian Bauer (CSU). Especially when he drives by at the weekend: “The place is full, people really accept it.” The fact that many a Grafinger would find the place even better with a little more green does not go unnoticed. “But such a place must be able to develop, the trees need time to grow.”

Things are not like the mayor only puts his city in the right light here. Michaela Müller from the Grafinger Family and Citizens Center and the local Transition Town initiative sees it little differently. “It’s finally lively there, the place is well received,” she describes her impression.

Both Müller and Bauer see an important reason for this, especially in the new ice cream shop in Sepp Carpus’ former television shop. Opened in spring 2020 by the brothers Alessandro and Luca Marsico, the hall has since functioned as an inner-city excursion destination. It is separated from Öxinger Platz only by the junction with Mühlenstrasse. “Everything has started really well here,” says Luca Marsico, looking back on the first three summers at Öxinger Platz.

At “Icegreen Manufaktur” there are no finished products

The shop is called “Icegreen Manufactory” – and that is meant literally. “No ready-made paste, no powder things,” emphasizes Marsico. “It makes a difference that people notice.” The same applies to the fact that the prices are “fairly average”. “We only have to ask for a bit more for two or three varieties. But real raspberries are used in the raspberry ice cream and real pistachios in the pistachio ice cream.”

By the way, Marsico is clearing up a rumor that has been circulating in the city in recent weeks. It had been said that the ice cream parlor had now been forbidden to set up its own tables on Öxinger Platz. That’s not true. “We only put them away because we couldn’t find enough staff for the hospitality.”

In the meantime, the city administration is planning to bring the former ideas competition for a work of art on the square to an end. The winner was the design of a large millstone – based on the former district of Öxing, for whose development the mills along the Wieshamer Bach and Attel were very important. “The problem is that there is a cistern and the underground car park under the square – unfortunately 1.7 tons are a bit too heavy.” Talks are currently underway for a slightly smaller version. If that is set up, then everything is actually ready. If it were up to Mayor Bauer, he would also be happy to do other activities than eating ice cream. For theater performances by Grafingen schools or clubs, for example.

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