"Your feet show everything, insecurity, serenity, arrogance"

Silk slippers by Ludwig II, football boots by Lothar Matthäus, leather shoes by Helmut Kohl: Heinrich Pflanzen has built up one of the most impressive shoe collections in the world. He is certain: nothing says so much about a person as his shoe. A visit.


Harold Freiberger

Heinrich Plant unlocks the display case, pushes the glass pane aside and carefully reaches for a strange, beige silk shoe, pointed at the front, decorated at the top, and high heeled at the back. The shoe is a mystery: is it for men or women? And for what purpose anyway? A small sheet of paper written with a typewriter in the display case explains: Bavaria’s King Ludwig II wore the shoe when he was awarded the German Order of St. George in 1864; he poses in it on a postcard that is included.

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