A peaceful Oktoberfest

It was a peaceful folk festival on the Penzberger Berghalde, sums up Holger Controller. “There hasn’t been a fight in the tent or on the square so far,” says the new host. The sun will shine again on Sunday morning. Nothing stands in the way of a happy last day at the small Oktoberfest. Mayor Stefan Korpan (CSU) is also satisfied: “It’s a great atmosphere.”

Organizing a folk festival in just three weeks – it was to be expected that not everything would go smoothly, emphasizes Korpan. In fact, not all guests were satisfied, especially on the senior afternoon. Because several cooks did not come to work as agreed, the food distribution took longer. What not everyone wanted to accept and gave vent to their anger among the employees of the town hall administration. “I say to all the critics: If you put a folk festival together in such a short time,” says Korpan, “we knew that not everything would work out right away.” But the alternative would not have been a festival. “For me, this is a hundred percent success.” A number of citizens approached him and thanked him for the folk festival. “Finally sitting together and chatting again – that’s what a lot of people missed,” says Korpan.

It has not yet been decided whether Holgergler will replace the previous innkeeper Christian Fahrenschon in the long term. In any case, Regeler would be very keen to come back to Penzberg. “But I should know that this year,” he emphasizes. Because then he could acquire sufficient staff at an early stage. “You can plan completely differently with at least half a year’s notice,” he says. Many self-employed chefs who worked at folk festivals would have looked for other jobs because of the loss of earnings during the corona pandemic. “The innkeepers at the Munich Wiesn are now noticing that too.” Controller was finally able to hire another cook for Penzberg.

Some people missed the bar in the marquee this year. Regulator made a conscious decision not to do this. “I should have fenced off the area. It doesn’t look really good.” If you wanted a schnapps, the waitresses brought a stamperl to your seat. There are 2,000 seats in the tent and 200 in the beer garden. Last but not least, the lack of a bar could be the reason why there were no major incidents, the landlord speculates. The visitors also liked the new show bands. The tent was full every evening, emphasizes Controller.

What the future will bring will be revealed at the final discussion after the folk festival. “I’d love to come back,” says Regeler.

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