Cologne striker Andersson operated on his knee: criticism of the club

Cologne (dpa) – Cologne striker Sebastian Andersson has had an operation on his knee. As the Bundesliga soccer club announced on Sunday, the surgery last Friday in Copenhagen went according to plan. According to FC, the duration of the downtime is “not exactly foreseeable at the moment”. The 31-year-old Swede, who was signed by Union Berlin in September 2020, had been complaining of knee problems for a long time. During the summer break, the club management suggested that he change clubs.

“Ultimately, after weighing all perspectives and in a trusting, open exchange with us, he decided against a change in order to have an operation on his knee instead. We supported this decision and respect it in equal measure. What was also rumored from time to time , is not expedient,” commented FC Managing Director Christian Keller.

The club’s management reacted to critical statements by Andersson in the Swedish online portal “Fotbollskanalen”, which the “Bild” reported on Sunday. He complained that the operation had been delayed for too long: “It’s an injury that should have been repaired a long time ago. That’s what the doctors in Brondby said. The doctors in Cologne knew about my injuries. It’s frustrating that I’ve been walking around in quite a bit of pain for the last two years. The first year in particular was an absolute disaster in terms of pain.”

Speaking about his return to Cologne, Andersson said: “The rehabilitation period is difficult to say exactly. It can take between four and ten weeks before I’m in the full game. I want to play in Cologne when I’m healthy. It would be nice if I could do that when I get back.”

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