Concentrated joy of fatherhood

That’s the thing with men and women. And with the older men and younger women, another very special one. If there is a 15-year age difference, the woman in question is “practically the same age” from a man’s point of view, Maike Bollow as Ute in the comedy “Complex Fathers” states. One of the many punchlines in the tabloid play, for the premiere of which in the comedy in the Bayerischer Hof, in addition to many television celebrities, the head of the Bayerischer Hof, Innegrit Volkhardt, also appeared. But what about when there are 25 years between a man and a woman? So what if your daughter’s new boyfriend is 51 years old and she’s just 26? Hugo Egon Balder alias Erik, father of this daughter, and Jochen Busse alias Anton, stepfather and foster father, are confronted with this constellation. In the middle of it all, Ute said, who knows exactly what we’re talking about: she herself is Anton’s wife, who has matured in the meantime but is still 25 years younger.

Heinersdorff wrote the piece specifically for the television heroes Balder and Busse

Author-director René Heinersdorff tailored this situation to his two long-time friends, the TV warriors Balder and Busse (both married four to five times!), designed the stage design and took on the part of the new friend Björn. In a brown and yellow checked suit, with a red rose and a lot of courage to be ridiculous, he sprints into this dysfunctional patchwork family in which the former best friends Erik and Anton are actually deadly enemies. No wonder, since Erik once wrested the ute from Anton before she returned to Anton after a short liaison and was pregnant. But when they see Björn, who to everyone’s annoyance also turns out to be Nadine’s (Katarina Schmidt) therapist who is otherwise married, they sign a truce for the sake of “our daughter”. What’s more, they absolutely want to prevent this relationship.

It’s great how the two sparring partners, Busse and Balder, attack each other in witty verbal battles. The body language alone: when Anton, a little stiff but bolt upright in his self-righteous moral attitude, meets the slightly crooked, but casually acting and arguing alt-sponti Erik, who suddenly gives him verbal uppercuts, it is tabloid art at its finest. Which also seems to give the two comedian warhorses great pleasure after around 600 performances that they have already given all over Germany (hopefully) – but certainly the audience, from whom there was spontaneous applause again and again. Anton, who is constantly at odds with his old and new nose (it’s nice that a man’s cosmetic surgery is being mocked here), Björn, who can hardly be stopped in his therapeutic thirst for action, Ute, who stumbles over her striving for harmony – they are all drawn in a wonderfully exaggerated way Characters who create a melee on stage that could turn into carnage. But here it is served as light fare to the question “Guess who’s coming to dinner”. An extremely successful start to the new season, basically the first that Heinersdorff was able to make recognizable as the new director of the comedy .

Complex Fathers, until Oct. 29, comedy at the Bayerischer Hof

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