Discus thrower Müller ends career as Istaf eighth

Berlin (AP) – Nadine Müller was no longer about the victory, but the focus was on the long-time best German discus thrower at the Istaf.

The 36-year-old from Halle/Saale ended her long career with the last competition in the Olympic Stadium. After the last throw landed in the safety net and Müller finished eighth with 55.73 meters, the previous competitors formed a trellis for her on the pitch.

“I tried to absorb and enjoy it all again,” she said afterwards on ARD. “Berlin has kind of become my second home.”

37,000 spectators in the Berlin Olympic Stadium

The Olympic and European Championship second Kristin Pudenz, now the German number one, expected one or two tears after the farewell. Pudenz referred to the role that Müller also took on beyond the competition in the throwing ring. “It’s always nice to have someone by your side – I won’t say mum – when you’re clueless,” said the Potsdam native, recalling that she was able to benefit from her teammate’s experience in major competitions.

The World Cup runner-up in 2011 was able to enjoy the backdrop of 37,000 spectators and watched a recorded video with career highlights on the video wall with them. Sixth place at the 2009 World Championships in the same place was once the breakthrough to the international top. “Even then the stadium was full, the circle closes somewhere,” said Müller and now said: “It’s nice to say, folks, I’m off the discus stage.”

Athletics have accompanied her for decades, emphasized Müller. “Please forgive me if I let my breath out and leave my shoes in the closet or the discus.” Four years after the last international medal with silver at the European Championships in Berlin, she will now concentrate on her professional career as a federal police officer and is looking forward to it.

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