Fantasy adventures in the forest near Althegnenberg

Children aged four to ten can go on daring adventures in the forest in Althegnenberg . This is possible in the “Henaberger Erlebniswald”, which turns an ordinary walk in the forest into a captivating fantasy scavenger hunt. With the help of actors, the forest is transformed into a mystical place that presents the children with puzzles and handicrafts, through which they get to know nature better.

With more than 230 enthusiastic children, the premiere was a complete success, also thanks to celebrity support. As a special guest, the project team was able to look forward to the support of Martin Sieber, who comes from Mittelstetten. The visitors could recognize his well-known laugh at the always laughing forest elf Waldemar.

Sabine Eckert and Sabine Hempel-Taschner came up with the idea for the fantasy scavenger hunt in Althegnenberg had attended a similar project with their children: “On Mother’s Day we went with our children to see the forest witch from Perlacher Forst. It was a wonderful walk and a real adventure for the children. We were all really excited and thought we could do something like that actually also do in Althegnenberg.” They quickly got down to work and got support for the adventure-pedagogical forest walk on board: the fantasy author Kilian Braun. “We have a fantastic but also instructive story for the children, which made them want to read a possible sequel as soon as it was written.”

Participation is free for the children, the material costs are covered by sponsors. Donations are welcome, but these don’t go to the volunteer actors from the “D’Henaberger Bühne” theater association, but to the “Aktion Schultüte”. This supports children from financially weak families when they start school. So far, almost 800 euros have been collected, the “goal is to break the 1000 euros at our September date,” explains Sabine-Hempel-Taschner.

On Saturday, September 10, between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m., anyone who is interested and brave can embark on the scavenger hunt again. The starting point is the parking lot at the sports field in Althegnenberg, no registration is required. The walk takes one to one and a half hours.

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