Farmers support firefighters

Drought : Farmers support firefighters

Drought: Farmers can bring water to the fire site in liquid manure barrels.

Farmers can bring water to the scene of the fire in liquid manure barrels.

(Photo: Oliver Mueller/Imago/Media Service Müller)

In the event of a fire, the farmers can transport up to 10,000 liters of water in their slurry tankers.

By Quirin Knospe, Fürstenfeldbruck

The persistent drought and extreme heat are also increasing the risk of forest fires in the district. “At the end of the year, we will record more hours of action fighting forest fires than ever before with the fire brigade, THW, mountain rescue service, police and armed forces,” says Andreas Lohde, fire brigade officer in the Fürstenfeldbruck city council. In order to be able to act quickly in such a fire, the city of Fürstenfeldbruck has sought the support of a total of six farmers as “Fire Fighting Farmers”. The participating farmers own slurry tankers with a capacity of between 6,000 and 10,000 liters of water. If there is an acute risk of fire due to drought, these should be filled with water as a precaution. In the event of a fire, farmers can move out at short notice to extinguish a fire or secure the necessary water supply. Flames in a field could quickly get out of control, especially in severe drought combined with strong winds. “The liquid manure barrels have a pump performance and capacity that no fire engine in the city area can match,” explains city fire chief Manuel Mai. City councilor Andreas Lohde believes that the fact that citizens make their private and company property available to the general public free of charge is anything but a matter of course these days.

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