Fürstenfeldbruck's American footballers end the season

In the last game of the season against the Gießen Golden Dragons, the Fursty Razorbacks wanted to climb up to fourth place in the table. However, the Brucker American Footballers lost 23:35 in Gießen and ended up fifth in the 2nd Bundesliga South. “Fifth place is a bit sobering,” head coach Lukas Schmid sums up rather dissatisfied, adding: “We expected more at the start of the season. Looking back, we could have done better – unfortunately, partly due to injuries, we weren’t always able to fully exploit our potential.”

It is now a matter of working through the past season and analyzing the mistakes made in order to then set the course for 2023. “Our ambition has been aroused,” says Schmid. The claim is then to provide a competitive team in the next season “that has a chance of winning the championship,” says Schmid with the ambitious outlook for the future. The aim is also to install a second team with young American football players and career changers as a substructure in Fürstenfeldbruck.

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