German champion in sport woodcutting

Wernigerode (dpa/sa) – chopping a tree trunk with an ax or separating a piece of wood with a saw – sport logging against the clock is something for tough guys and has long since conquered the women’s world. At the weekend, the German championships in extreme sports were held in Wernigerode’s Schierke district at the foot of the Brocken in the Harz Mountains. There were competitions with powerful chainsaws and razor-sharp axes in three classes – the professionals, the women and the junior segment. “A good 1,800 spectators followed the two-day spectacle in the Schierker Feuerstein Arena,” said Benjamin Hardt, spokesman for the organizer on Sunday. This is a chainsaw manufacturer.

The ten-strong men’s competition of professionals was dominated by Danny Martin from Sinntal in Hesse. For the 34-year-old athlete, it is said to be the third national championship title in his career. The participants competed against each other in six disciplines – three on the saw and three on the axe. They had previously qualified in two competitions for the national highlight of the sport lumberjack season. Martin will most likely travel to Gothenburg in Sweden for the World Cup on October 28th and 29th, it said.

For the third time in a row, Nina Pokoyski became German champion in sport logging on Saturday. The athlete from Marburg in Hesse prevailed against five other participants. In the women’s competition, the six athletes competed against each other in three disciplines: Stock Saw (chain saw), Single Buck (pull saw) and Underhand Chop (axe). The 25-year-old Denny Vielwerth from Sondheim in Bavaria, who was previously the favorite according to the organizer, won the young talent competition, which was also held on Saturday in five disciplines – three on the ax and two on the saw.

According to the city administration in Wernigerode, the Schierker Feuerstein Arena, which is used as an ice skating rink in winter, will remain closed until September 13th for cleaning and renovation work.

The origin of the action-packed extreme sport is said to lie in local logging competitions in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. Professional events developed from this showdown. In the national and international competitions, the athletes compete against each other in up to three ax and three saw disciplines. Springboard, Underhand Chop and Standing Block Chop are among the classic ax competitions. In the Single Buck (pulling saw), the Stock Saw (commercially available chainsaw) and the Hot Saw (up to 80 hp chainsaw), saws are used to compete for best times.

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