Giffey: The relief package will help many people noticeably

Berlin (dpa) – Berlin’s governing mayor Franziska Giffey has welcomed the new relief package decided by the federal government. It will “help many people in Germany and also in Berlin noticeably,” said the SPD politician in a statement on Sunday. “It’s broader and relieves those who need special support.”

It is right that “retirees and students are finally being taken into account”. The agreed skimming off of excess profits from energy companies is important for financing relief and “a strong signal for more justice”.

From Giffey’s point of view, the regulation for a nationwide local transport ticket is not yet sufficient. “The price range of 49 to 69 euros is too high within a federal state and does not bring enough relief for the citizens,” she said.

The expansion of affordable local public transport must be of great value to society. “The federal and state governments must understand this together as a national task for the future.” The federal share must therefore be higher, “in the sense of a social measure but also of climate neutrality”. Berlin is continuing to work on a bridging solution for this year.

The federal government wants to significantly increase the funds to cushion rising living costs. The coalition of SPD, Greens and FDP has agreed on a third relief package worth around 65 billion euros. It is therefore more than twice as large as the first two packages with their combined total of around 30 billion euros.

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