Handbag on legs is now in the center of Bonn

Art – Bonn : handbag on legs is now in the center of Bonn

The work of art “Walking Bag” by Erwin Wurm is unveiled. Photo: Henning Kaiser/dpa (Photo: dpa)

Directly from the dpa news channel

Bonn (dpa) – A huge bright red handbag with long legs has been an eye-catcher in downtown Bonn since Sunday. The Austrian artist Erwin Wurm created the four meter high bronze sculpture especially for the “Art Project Bonn”. It is the fifth artwork in the series. According to the Foundation for Art and Culture, the provocative work “Walking Bag” declares people to be their own accessories and allows the luxury handbag to become a representative model. The project, which is financed entirely from private funds, started in 2014 with Markus Lüpertz’s “Beethoven” and Tony Cragg’s “Mean Average”, followed in 2016 by Bernar Venet’s “ARC ’89” and Stephan Balkenhol’s “Hommage an August Macke” in 2018 Behind this is the concept of an urban museum, for which further works for the public urban space are to be created by 2030.

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