Höpfl's house

Some scenes of the first Eberhofer thriller are filmed on Polzstraße in Fürstenfeldbruck. In “Dampfnudelblues” the weird school principal lives there, who leads a double life – in real life the Schilling family.


Stefan Salger , Furstenfeldbruck

There’s this tall, neatly trimmed hedge that’s great for nosy neighbors to hide behind. There is the massive garden wall and the garage with the dark brown wooden door. And there is the middle-class house that could be befitting housing for a school principal. Above all, however, there is this wonderful white wall between the front door and the garden door with their sober, functional steel struts. Which offers enough space for the blood-red sprayed slogan “Die sow”. Eberhofer Franz, played by Sebastian Bezzel, stands in front of that very wall in “Dampfnudelblues”, the first episode of the crime comedy series. Accompanied by some weird brass band music, the village policeman says, without any real conviction, to the much weirder school principal Höpfl: “Maybe you don’t mind at all”.

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