Hundreds demonstrate against pro-Russian elevator

Demonstrations – Cologne : Hundreds demonstrate against pro-Russian elevator

A woman at the protest of the action alliance “Cologne against the Right” against the pro-Russian demonstration. Photo: Roberto Pfeil/dpa (Photo: dpa)

Directly from the dpa news channel

Cologne (dpa / lnw) – Several hundred people demonstrated against a pro-Russian rally in downtown Cologne on Sunday. The action alliance “Cologne against the right” had called for the demo under the motto “For peace and solidarity – against war, nationalism and ethnic thinking”. There were also two other small counter-demos.

A private person had registered up to 2,000 participants for the pro-Russian demonstration under the motto “Against war and arms deliveries to Ukraine”. According to the police, several hundred people came. The events ran smoothly, said a police spokesman. The police were in action with a larger contingent. They are in action with increased forces.

Among other things, the participants in the pro-Russian demo were given the condition that they were not allowed to show any Z or V symbols. These are banned because they are understood as glorifying the war of aggression against Ukraine, the police said.

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