No tournament without beer!

Dear football fans,

It is with great pleasure that we can inform you that you can keep your drinking license in Qatar. In recent years, it has always been one of our main concerns, FIFA , to stand up for the rights of the fans, who are known to be our be-all and end-all! We also love you so much because you have always been willing to turn a blind eye and travel to autocratic countries to watch football games there.

But we are also aware that a 0-0 draw in the group stage can often only be enjoyed under the influence of alcohol, which is why we once again discussed very clearly with our good friends in Qatar that drinking alcoholic cold drinks is an absolute must for us. Our colleagues referred to their state religion, but we replied: We’re turning a blind eye to human rights violations. And anyway: What else are our friends from the Budweiser brewery supposed to do with their beer? Sell on the open market? Nobody enjoys that voluntarily!!!

Therefore, the following suggestion for kindness, dear fans: You can buy beer at the World Cup in front of the stadiums up to half an hour before kick-off at reasonable prices (certainly not more than ten euros!), but please do not consume it in the stadium. The air conditioning will cool you down there, so don’t worry. After the final whistle, the stands open again briefly, which is certainly a great opportunity to get in the mood for the next zero zero together with the opposing fans.

Oh, one more thing: Please, please, please respect the local culture even with a blood alcohol level of 2.5. We know that some of your contemporaries had a little trouble with that, so just adapt a little bit: excessive bingeing is of course really not a problem, but maybe you just move your violent brawls out to the quieter, sandy zones afterwards of the country, just behind the stadiums, where you have peace of mind from the locals. Even if they really want to get to know your culture and are looking forward to you drunkards!

Cordially, your FIFA

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