Rock gives way – Hiker falls 100 meters and dies

A 35-year-old died early Sunday afternoon during a mountain tour on the Hoher Göll in the Berchtesgadener Land district. As the police announced in the evening, the man from Sonthofen was walking with his girlfriend in a narrow passage when he leaned against a boulder to wait for his partner. The stone gave way and tipped over, causing the hiker to fall about 100 meters. Police said the man died instantly.

His companion, who witnessed the accident up close, called the mountain rescue service. A rescue and a police helicopter flew to the scene of the accident. The emergency doctor could only determine death. The 30-year-old girlfriend was flown out by the rescue helicopter and looked after by the Berchtesgaden Mountain Rescue Crisis Intervention Team.

A police mountain guide then organized the recording of the accident. The Alpine Task Force of the Police Headquarters Oberbayern Süd took over the investigations into the exact course of the accident on site.

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