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With electronic music, food trucks and a fun program, Tizian Sacher and his associationshire Kurz eV wanted to celebrate for two days at the Open Ear Festival on Lake Karlsfeld next weekend. But now the event is taking place in a shortened version: the festival can only take place on one day, on Saturday, September 10th. This was decided by the municipality of Karlsfeld .

The reason: the club members approached the community too late with a request to extend the festival to two days. Talks about an extension only took place in July, says Francesco Cataldo, head of the Karlsfeld municipality. This was simply “too short notice”. There are several reasons for this: legal, personal, but above all organizational. Tizian Sacher also admits that the group ultimately “simply approached the community too late” and was subsequently rejected.

In 2018 and 2019, the festival took place on just one day on the grounds of the youth center on Lake Karlsfeld. But this year theshire association had bigger plans, they wanted to double the length of the festival and offer three stages instead of two this time. The latter worked, only the extension was not approved. The reason is that Kurz eV is an important part of the Open Ear Festival, but not the organizer. The group, which formed an association in May of this year, was the idea generator for the first festival in 2018 and thus approached the youth work in Karlsfeld, whereupon the municipality became active as an organizer and is still active today. Kurz eV forms the “musical supporting program”, says main office manager Cataldo. However, the association is only one of several cooperation partners. There is also the Oktagon collective, with which, according to the Kurz eV, they are good friends; they provide technology and stages for the Karlsfeld Festival. There is also the Kreisjugendring (KJR), which is planning a hands-on circus, and there will also be face painting for children, regardless of the KJR program.

Festival at Karlsfelder See: Organizer of the electronic festival Open Ear at Karlsfelder See, Tizian Sacher from Dachau.

Organizer of the electronic festival Open Ear at Karlsfelder See, Tizian Sacher from Dachau.

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The community is open to a two-day festival next year, but then “with more advance notice,” as Cataldo emphasizes. Titian Sacher does not want to commit himself to next year; the festival is definitely planned again, but there have not yet been any discussions about the length.

It is already certain that at least this year there will be something for all visitors and you shouldn’t just expect hard techno. Although techno music is planned for the main stage, there are also other styles of electro music, as Titian Sacher reveals: “Dub” music is to be played on an open-air stage, which could be widely interpreted as reggae, says Sacher. There will also be another stage inside the youth center, which may even be open until 1 a.m.; other than the two open-air stages, which have to close at 11 p.m. Inside, there’s drum and bass electronic music that visitors can party to. Above all, DJs from the region will be playing, and Sacher himself will also be making music. The line-up also includes Pauletta Sniffcobar, Dubrise Soundsystem and Stixonspeed.

The children’s face painting and the hands-on circus, which are planned alongside the music, “get along well” with the festival, as Tizian Sacher says, there are “intersections” with the electro scene.

Although the program has long been in place, Kurz eV still has a lot to do. One of the hallmarks of the festival is the decoration, which is home-made again this year. Tizian Sacher says the club wants to go to the recycling center once or twice and has already been there. They have already made signs out of material that is “recycled” – or, as Sacher corrects himself, “out of material that was already in the garbage”. The group still has a lot to do, the majority of the decoration will only be built in the days before the festival, says Sacher.

The only thing that could thwart the open-ear festival now would be bad weather. However, don’t let a little rain stop you, as Tizian Sacher emphasizes, there is already too much planning in the festival for that. The group plan to check the weather forecast early next week and were only put off from the event by heavy rain. All that remains is to hope for good weather on September 10th – and maybe twice as much music, partying and dancing next year.

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