"She was always working"

Luise Marx is sitting on the sofa in her living room, with a large painting of Dachau’s old town hanging above her. Next to it another work of art; it’s hard to tell what’s on it because the picture is half covered by two photos stuck in the frame. They show Marx and the mayor of Dachau, Florian Hartmann , in traditional costume at the folk festival. There he was able to congratulate her several times on birthdays – and there have been quite a few of them, because Luise Marx turned 100 on Tuesday. Numerous well-wishers passed by, flowers, chocolate and gifts are spread all over the room.

The mayor also personally congratulates him on his birthday, sitting next to Marx at the dining table. The deputy district administrator Marianne Klaffki is also there, and the old lady’s relatives are standing around the table. But Luise Marx doesn’t seem to be bothered by the hustle and bustle. Unmoved, she sits in her seat and eats a piece of apple pie. After 100 years of turbulent life, she is given a little rest.

Marx has two children, three grandchildren and four great-grandchildren

Luise Marx was born on August 30, 1922 in Dachau. She had three siblings and grew up in her parents’ business, the Hengerer nursery. She later took over and worked there until she retired in the 1980s, when the nursery was eventually closed and the site redeveloped. Marx married in 1943, but tragically her husband Heinz Marx died in 1944 in World War II. A few years later, in the early 1950s, the young widow found a new partner: Franz Späth, in whose carpentry shop she also worked, but the two never married. However, they remained together until his death in 1997. In total, these two relationships produced two children, followed by three grandchildren and now four great-grandchildren.

Although she “was always working”, as one of these great-grandchildren says, Luise Marx also had time for hobbies. For many years she was with the Friends of Nature, she sang in the church choir of the Friedenskirche and was involved in the social association VdK, of which she was a board member. Since she has been almost completely blind for almost 25 years, she likes to listen to audio books from the library for the blind, up to two a week, according to her family. Her great-grandson even recorded an audio book for her during an internship there.

The old lady also likes to spend time in her garden, not surprisingly as a gardener. It is important to her to be able to walk; Although she can no longer work in the garden, she still likes to sit on the terrace.

“She didn’t like the champagne yesterday”

When you turn 100, it’s part of the story that you, as the birthday child, are asked for a secret recipe for old age. Luise Marx doesn’t have one ready today, but the birthday party agrees that “healthy nutrition and exercise” are definitely part of it. At the birthday party there are many different cakes, the day before there was already a celebration with the family, and “she didn’t like the champagne yesterday”, as one of those present reveals – which probably fits in with the principle of healthy eating. If the senior citizen continues to go through life as confidently as it seems at her birthday party, the mayor will probably have to stop by a few more times to congratulate her. And Luise Marx will sit carefree on her sofa and eat cake.

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