Small plane crashed during ongoing circus performance

Accidents – Duisburg : small plane crashed while the circus performance was running

Privacy screens at the site where a light aircraft crashed. Photo: Alex Forstreuter/Alex Forstreuter /dpa (Photo: dpa)

Directly from the dpa news channel

Duisburg (dpa) – The crash of the small-engine aircraft in the parking lot of a circus in Duisburg occurred during a show with around 900 visitors. A fire department spokesman told a dpa reporter at the scene of the accident on Sunday. The entrance to the circus tent was only about 50 meters from the crash site. The small plane caught fire after the impact on the site – an old freight depot site not far from the A59. Two people were killed, according to firefighters. It was initially unclear who it was.

According to the fire brigade, the music in the circus tent was so loud that the crash of the small machine could hardly or not be heard.

After the event in the circus tent, the head of the fire brigade wanted to inform about the accident. The police should then escort the spectators out of the tent in an orderly manner to avoid panic and chaos. Several parked cars caught fire.

On site, the phrase “luck in misfortune” was often heard among the emergency services.

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