State Poverty Conference: Social Justice is “Too Short”

Hanover (dpa/lni) – The state poverty conference of Lower Saxony has criticized the planned third relief package of the traffic light coalition as insufficient for poor people. Social justice and appropriate distribution of the consequential costs of the crises would “again be neglected,” complained the managing director of the state poverty conference, Klaus-Dieter Gleitze, on Sunday in Hanover. At 49 to 69 euros a month, the 9-euro follow-up ticket is too expensive for poor people, and the increase in the Hartz IV standard rate from 449 to 500 euros is far too low. This increase is also “entirely for the 9-euro follow-up ticket on it”.

One-time payments of 300 euros for pensioners and 200 euros for students, like the increase in child benefit, are a first step, but not enough, emphasized Gleitze. In addition, it is the wrong approach if the increase according to the watering can principle should also apply to pensioners with high pensions and income.

“According to the current status, the FDP has prevailed again with the exclusion of the super-rich and those who profit from excess profits from solidarity financing of the costs of the crisis,” criticized Gelitze. “No property tax or random profits should be skimmed off as part of a reform at EU level to finance an electricity price brake. By then, the winter will be over and a possible electricity price brake will be forgotten.

The state poverty conference, on the other hand, is calling for the 9-euro ticket to be extended “for what it says on it: 9 euros”, the increase in the standard rates for Hartz IV and basic security to 600 euros and a wealth tax for the super-rich with assets of 30 million euros or more, he said.

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