Suspected duds: 900 people evacuated

Emergencies – Wilhelmshaven : suspected duds: 900 people evacuated

A policewoman and a policeman with FFP2 masks face each other. Photo: Marijan Murat/dpa/ZB (Photo: dpa)

Directly from the dpa news channel

Wilhelmshaven (dpa / lni) – Around 900 people in Wilhelmshaven had to vacate their homes to recover a dud bomb from World War II. The area was controlled, also by drone – and it was deserted within a radius of 1000 meters, said the spokeswoman for the city of Wilhelmshaven, Julia Muth, on Sunday. The discovery site is in the middle of a field, there are not many households in the area. It was initially unclear when people would be able to return to their homes and apartments.

The city announced that several suspected ordnance points were found during construction work near a cavern site. The closer investigations of the explosive ordnance clearance service confirmed the suspicion of a dud at one point. Two nursing homes in the area also had to be evacuated. During the rescue work, Autobahn 29 was closed in both directions between the Fedderwarden and Fedderwardergroden junctions.

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