Taubert warns against further increases in state spending

Erfurt (dpa/th) – Thuringia’s Finance Minister Heike Taubert (SPD) sees the country prepared for difficult times with a record budget of around 12.8 billion euros. “This is a budget that can get us through 2023 well,” said Taubert of the German Press Agency in Erfurt. Before a special session of the state parliament this Monday, the minister appealed to the MPs not to increase the budget any further. The budget can already only be financed “through a significant reach into the reserves”.

640 million euros would have to be taken from the reserve, this year it was already 512 million euros. “That means we can’t cover our expenses from revenue alone. That’s a burden we carry with us,” said the minister.

However, it is important that Thuringia keeps a significant amount in its reserve in view of the financial risks from the current crises and a possible downturn in the economy. “We need a buffer for the years after 2023.” If MEPs make changes and want more spending in certain areas, they should set savings positions elsewhere in the budget.

“The state parliament as legislator must set priorities,” said the SPD politician. She hopes that parliament will not again decide on a global underspending, leaving it up to the government to decide where to cut costs.

According to Taubert, state spending will increase by around 900 million euros this year compared to the real budget volume. There is more money again for the municipalities – alone through the financial equalization it is 115 million euros. In addition, a three-digit million amount more than this year is to flow into investments. The money is intended, among other things, to improve local public transport and to be able to complete construction projects despite price increases.

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