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The Mediaval Festival in Selb is the largest open-air event for medieval, folk and rock music in Europe and has also established itself as an atmospheric place for readings by well-known authors and newcomers in recent years. Since Tommy Krappweis showed his fantasy film “Mara and the Firebringer” there in 2015, he has been a regular star guest on the reading and music stages of this festival.

Monday: Exciting utopia

Celebrity tips for Munich and the region: In Theresa Hannig's latest novel, artificial intelligence saves the world.

In Theresa Hannig’s latest novel, artificial intelligence saves the world.

(Photo: Tor Verlag)

I’ll spend Monday talking. Since we’re about to start shooting a lavish fiction series for a streaming service, and since I’m to blame for everything and somehow responsible for everything as the head writer and so-called showrunner, I can sit down in any discussion from costumes to props to visual effects and whatever contribute remaining qualified. The nice thing about it is that since the scripts are approved and final, I can knowingly remain silent and occasionally nod with a benevolent smile. Because our fantastic director Erik Haffner plans everything either the way it looks in my head or much better than I could have imagined. That’s why I have my brain free in the evening to finally read one of the eighty million books that stare at me silently from the shelves. At the top lies ” Pantopia ” by Theresa Hannig – a utopia about an artificial intelligence named Einbug who realizes that she must save humanity in order to survive herself.

Tuesday: Live Talk

Relics from days gone by: with a bit of luck, you can rummage through old film rolls and tapes at Munich flea markets. For example at the Hoffleamarkt in Lehel.

(Photo: Niels P. Jørgensen)

We could easily spend the entire Saturday in the literature tent of the Festival Mediaval, because in addition to our friendly colleagues Bernhard Hennen, Axel Hildebrand and Christian von Aster, some creative writers who were previously unknown to us are also reading, and it is always beneficial to get to know new talents and their works. In between, something is eaten at a stand with a “y” at the end and at 2.30 p.m. I am part of a reading from the anthology “Wir sind die Bunten”. If I weren’t at the festival in Selb, you would certainly find me at the Hofflohmarkt in Munich’s Lehel district . I am particularly interested in old film and audio equipment, i.e. Super 8 cameras, rolls of film, tapes or tape machines. But I’ve also bought usable musical instruments and one or two guitar amplifiers at flea markets.

Sunday: iconic mascot

Celebrity tips for Munich and the region: Tommy Krappweis invented

Tommy Krappweis invented “Bernd das Brot”, the cult figure of the ARD/ZDF children’s channel, and received the Grimme Prize for it.

(Photo: Hendrik Schmidt/dpa)

Depending on what kind of event I’m at, I’m asked about other parts of my previous work. Sometimes my long-ago involvement in “RTL Saturday Night” is in the foreground, sometimes it’s the grumpy Kika mascot “Bernd das Brot”, which I invented in 2000 together with Norman Cöster. “Mara and the Firebringer” is still present at medieval markets or fantasy conventions and even more so thanks to the current radio play series. That’s why I’m reading exclusively from the current, unfinished manuscript of “Mara and the Wolf Warriors” at the Mediaval Festival. We will presumably spend the rest of the day strolling, enjoying music performances and eating, whereby it is not entirely impossible that we will still fall for one or the other piece of clothing offered for sale on the last day. Or another sword, spear, bowl, fibula or pendant. Or anything. And a cape. And I am sure that the smell of bread on a stick, mead and campfire will accompany us home. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

All-rounder Tommy Krappweis was born in Munich in 1972, where he also lives and works. His passion for writing, filming and making music was evident from an early age. Today Krappweis is an author, comedian, director, producer, stuntman and musician. He became known as an ensemble member of the cult show “RTL Saturday Night” and was recently in front of the camera for a one-off revival of the show, which is scheduled to be broadcast in October. Together with author Norman Cöster, he invented the Kika character “Bernd das Brot”, for which he received the Adolf Grimme Prize in 2004. His radio play series “Ghostsitter” was the most successful Amazon Music Original of 2017, and since then every new season has topped the charts.

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