Tractor combination overturns – eleven people injured

Eleven people were injured on a trip with a tractor-trailer combination in Hohenpeissenberg , Upper Bavaria, four of them very seriously. As the Schongau Police Inspectorate announced, “several people were sitting at a beer table set celebrating” on the trailer on Saturday afternoon. The trailer overturned in a sharp right-hand bend just before Hohenpeissenberg. The injured were taken to nearby hospitals by ambulance and rescue helicopter.

The tractor driver initially drove away with the team after the accident. “The team was found a short time later by a police patrol in the Hohenpeissenberg area.” A large contingent of the Hohenpeissenberg and Peiting fire brigades were deployed at the scene of the accident. A crisis intervention team looked after the first responders.

The Munich public prosecutor’s office had the team seized to clarify the course of the accident and ordered an expert opinion. The investigation into the course of the accident was still ongoing on Sunday.

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