Vacation to fear

A horde of rampaging assassins in Japan, a launderette owner in a multidimensional universe or a British country wedding that turns into carnage: What sounds like the program of this year’s Fantasy Filmfest is currently showing regularly in German cinemas. Madness is everywhere; If you want to be afraid, you don’t even have to go to the cinema anymore, just a look at the news or the online channels of self-declared angry citizens is enough. And what is the Fantasy Filmfest doing, which has been giving its audience the most beautiful nightmares for more than three decades? That shows genre pearls from the areas of horror, thriller, crime or science fiction? Banks on Harry Styles .

The currently most sought-after pop star on the planet, who sings about watermelons (“Watermelon Sugar”) or the past (“As It Was”), plays the leading role in the festival’s opening film. The US thriller “Don’t Worry Darling” was directed by the actress Olivia Wilde and is currently celebrating its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival – shortly afterwards it can be seen at the Fantasy Film Festival in seven German cities. Munich marks the beginning, from Wednesday, September 7th, a total of 32 feature films and a short film program will be shown here. But back to Harry Styles and his foray into acting: In “Don’t Worry Darling” he and Florence Pugh play a couple in America in the 1950s. The two live in a small town called Victory that looks like paradise from the outside. It’s all just a facade, of course, because horror lurks behind the scenes.

Cinema: The US thriller

The US thriller “Don’t Worry Darling” with Harry Styles and Florence Pugh opens the festival.

(Photo: AP)

But more cannot and must not be revealed at this point. Because what fans of the festival really fear are spoilers. So too much information about the film content. After all, you want to be surprised in the dark of the cinema hall by mass murderers, zombies, aliens or other creatures. Or devilish plot twists. If you want to see stars, we recommend the android drama “After Yang” with Colin Farrell or the Italian fantasy film “Freaks Out” with the German actor Franz Rogowski. “Year of the Shark” with Marina Foïs and Kad Merad in the leading roles also promises a shrill pleasure. However, if you still want to go to the beach this summer, you might want to avoid this French shark comedy.

Cinema: In the South Korean thriller "Emergency Declaration" a terrorist is on the plane.

In the South Korean thriller “Emergency Declaration” a terrorist is on a plane.

(Photo: Leonine Studios)

The Danish thriller “Speak no Evil” also goes on vacation, where a Dutch and a Danish couple meet in Tuscany. Out of a holiday mood, they promise to see each other again – and so an invitation to Holland soon follows. The Danes set off, which soon turns out to be a bad idea. The South Korean blockbuster “Emergency Declaration” will be shown as the final film, and people here also want to go on vacation. But there is still a terrorist on the plane with nasty viruses in his luggage. What follows is really scary.

36th Fantasy Filmfest, Wed., 7. to Wed., 14. Sep., City-Kino , Sonnenstr. 12a,

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