Woidke and Beermann see responsibility for public transport at the federal level

Potsdam (dpa / bb) – Brandenburg’s Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD) has welcomed the federal government’s relief package, especially for low-income earners. At the same time, the head of government called for additional taxes to relieve companies of energy costs. In addition, it is also good in the interest of climate protection that there should be a nationwide public transport ticket again in the future. “The federal government is still responsible for financing here,” he emphasized.

The Ministry of Transport made a similar statement, department head Guido Beermann (CDU) also calls for adjustments to be made to local public transport. Like the energy costs, it was also affected by price increases, explained Beermann (CDU) on Sunday. “It cannot be that the federal government leaves the federal states out in the rain with the enormously increased energy costs in public transport.” In order to maintain its quality and make it financially winter-proof, the federal government must make adjustments and first compensate for the considerable additional costs with regionalization funds of 1.6 billion euros.

The traffic light coalition of Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) wants to relieve citizens in the face of rising prices with a third support package worth more than 65 billion euros. The first two relief packages together had a volume of 30 billion euros.

For a better offer in terms of the traffic turnaround, another 1.5 billion euros from the federal government are needed, Beermann calculated. “Only when the federal government has fulfilled its funding responsibility can new tariffs be considered.” The transport ministers of the federal states have pointed this out several times. With the relief package, traffic lights put the reins on the horse from behind. The federal government also does nothing for commuters in rural areas who are dependent on cars, he criticized.

The Minister of Transport emphasized that the housing benefit reform announced by the Federal Government will accompany Brandenburg closely. The fact that heating costs in particular are taken into account is a correct approach. This must now be implemented unbureaucratically.

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