A beau for the boulevard

Nitribitt, Pagoda, Silver Arrow, Carrera Panamericana, Gullwing – the chain of associations associated with the keyword SL can be extended almost indefinitely. The first two variants could hardly have been more different: the 300 SL was a feather-light sports car in its purest form, the 190 SL, available from 1955, was considered a super-solid but underpowered knock-off for flâneurs. With the Gullwing, Mercedes had created an icon as early as 1954, the radiance of which is still reflected in the brand to this day. In 2002, Deutsche Post issued a stamp with the 300 SL: face value 0.55 euros. In May of this year, Mercedes auctioned off one of only two existing 300 SLR Uhlenhaut coupés for 135 million euros: the most expensive car in the world.

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