After video with Andrew Tate: G2 CEO temporarily on leave

Berlin (AP) – G2 Esports has temporarily put its managing director and co-founder Carlos Rodriguez on leave. As the Berlin e-sports organization announced via Twitter, Rodriguez and the company’s supervisory board have agreed on an eight-week, unpaid break.

“Last night we disappointed you,” said G2. “Our CEO’s actions speak a language that is in stark contrast to the values and culture that G2 lives and aspires to. And for that we apologize.”

The day before, Rodriguez shared a video on his Twitter channel. In it, he was seen partying with Andrew Tate at a club in Bucharest. Tate was banned from several social media platforms in August for spreading misogynist messages. According to a report by the Guardian, Tate is being investigated for human trafficking and rape allegations.

Video with Andrew Tate causes criticism

The video caused an uproar online, with various people in the esports industry criticizing Rodriguez for the video and for the CEO’s association with Tate.

Rodriguez responded to the criticism with another tweet: He will not let his friendships be controlled. “I party with whoever the fuck I want”. This, in turn, led to loud opposition, including from professionals and employees under contract with G2, as well as well-known personalities from the scene.

“You posted a party video with a well-known misogynist who describes women as property,” commentator for the European League of Legends LEC, Aaron “Medic” Chamberlain, wrote on Twitter. “That’s bloody vile, party with whoever you want, but expect people to judge you for it too.”

Reaction from G2’s CEO

After the statement, Rodriguez also spoke up again. There was “confusion” about what he stood for. It was always his goal to create absolute equality of opportunity.

He didn’t read the room properly, felt terrible about the discussions that had arisen and wanted to fully accept the consequences. He also changed his profile picture to a phoenix in an egg, his display name to the “Relieved Face” emoji.

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