Bergwaldbühne: The city has the costs of renovation determined

No events have taken place on the Wolfratshauser Bergwaldbühne for a long time. It was reactivated in 2018, actually it should have been played every two years. But a new report this year has now attested to “serious construction defects”. Added to this is the unstable underground, and there are neither permanently installed toilets and cloakrooms for the artists nor any technical infrastructure. The culture committee in the city council therefore had to decide on a fundamental question at its most recent meeting: demolition or renovation.

The fact that the idyllic stage in the countryside high above the Loisachstadt is a “unique selling point” for Wolfratshausen was heard by all the parliamentary group representatives. Opinions differed on how to proceed with her. Manfred Fleischer (Wolfratshauser Liste) was in favor of keeping the stage, recalled touching “Brandner Kaspar” performances and appealed to “determine what it costs”. He suggested calling off the move of the Marienbrunnen, which his group had criticized. “Then we would have 200,000 to 300,000 euros more in the bag.”

Ursula Krischke (citizens’ association), on the other hand, was skeptical about a general renovation. “Fundamental renovation doesn’t sound like a small amount,” she said, and with a view to the river festival: “We already have extraordinary venues in the city.” The Bergwaldbühne can also be renovated later if the financial situation allows it. “We could say it’s important to us, but we do it every now and then.” Sepp Schwarzenbach (CSU), on the other hand, rejected a postponement. “No one can say how expensive it will be.” His parliamentary colleague Renate Tilke considers a restructuring to be too daring. “I’m having a hard time,” she said. “There were nice events, but a lot also fell through. We have to be aware that we’re talking about maybe 100 visitors per event.” Instead of a resolution for a renovation, she spoke to Tilke for a review of the costs. “But it shouldn’t cost more than 20,000 euros.” She also warned about the maintenance costs. “In view of the impending storms, no one can say what the city is going to face.”

In the end, the city council members followed Tilke’s suggestion. First of all, an expert is to determine the costs for a fundamental renovation of the Bergwaldbühne in different variants, taking into account the protection of the existing building. According to the decision, the annual maintenance costs should also be included in the cost estimate, which the city is now to commission.

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