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The Kesselberg route with its many hairpin bends is a hotspot for motorcyclists – and has therefore caused trouble in the community of Kochel am See for years. “The Kesselberg has again made massive negative headlines,” said Mayor Thomas Holz (CSU) at the most recent meeting of the municipal council. Hardly a week goes by without a motorcycle accident. Rescuing the often seriously injured is a major psychological burden for the volunteer rescue workers. There are also “side effects” such as noise and frenzy on access routes such as the Pessenbacherhöhe, because motorcyclists abuse the Kesselberg as a “private race track”. For Mayor Holz, the measure is full, he called for stricter measures on Tuesday.

However, the municipality is not responsible because the B11 on Kesselberg is a federal highway. But you are in constant contact with the police and district office, said Holz. Some things have already been done in recent years: there is an overtaking ban on the entire route, and lane dividers have also been installed. According to Holz, however, the effects of these measures, which have been evaluated by the specialist authorities over a longer period of time, are sobering. “Structural measures have not achieved the desired effect”. The accidents have not decreased, and the danger to other road users could not be reduced by the lane dividers. “We have to go other ways,” said Holz.

What that could be will be discussed at a meeting with the accident commission at the end of the year. There aren’t many options anymore, because there is already a speed limit of 60 kilometers per hour along the entire route in addition to the overtaking ban. Motorcyclists are also not allowed to drive up from Kochel on weekends and public holidays.

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