Brass band sets splashes of color

The ones with hats are good. And anyone who wears such smart headgear as the members of the Aschheim brass band did not need to worry about the rain on Sunday, which made the traditional costume and riflemen’s procession from the Maxmonument to the Theresienwiese a boozy affair. In any case, the Aschheim brass band, who naturally don’t have a hand free for an umbrella, cut a good figure on the way through Maximiliansstraße. 9,000 folks and musicians took part in the parade, which was followed by tens of thousands on the side of the road. A number of groups from the district of Munich were there, including from Unterschleißheim, Oberschleißheim, Neubiberg and Unterhaching. The parade, which the people of Aschheim enriched with their clothing based on the Dachau costume with a few particularly bright green and red dabs of color, has been held at the Wiesn since 1950. The Aschheim brass band celebrated its 40th anniversary last year and since then has been dedicated to maintaining local customs, which the Aschheimer Schäffler also uphold. After all, the Blasmusi has 700 members, including 300 children and young people, as could not be overlooked at the pageant.

The first Oktoberfest weekend in Munich

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