Close and good

Just a quick reminder of Sascha Mölders: The former Bundesliga striker, who was still in the service of TSV 1860 Munich a year ago, scored three goals on Saturday and thus secured Bayern league side TSV Landsberg a 3-2 win in the top game against the FC Deisenhofen led (by the way, the ex-lion Nico Karger met for Deisenhofen). If things were going badly in the sixties in the third division, many of those fans with the well-known high standards would have gotten a reflexive Mölders wanderlust. But fortunately the good is very close.

“You don’t experience that every day,” said Fynn Lakenmacher with a grin: floodlit game in their own stadium, three goals scored, no wonder that the young attacker of the sixties took a ball home after the 3-1 win against Erzgebirge Aue, as a souvenir of his most successful game to date. With the sixties, they will certainly think: You are welcome to experience something like this more often. Lakenmacher, actually just a representative of the injured Marcel Bär, had scored five goals last season for the later relegated TSV Havelse. Now, after nine appearances for the lions, it’s already six. The only thing missing from his stats are away goals. After the defeat against SV Elversberg a week earlier, the sixties remain at least “a home force”, as Albion Vrenezi, who was in a very good mood against Aue, explained.

The long international break will not only be filled with Oktoberfest visits, coach Köllner assures

Everyone agreed: This victory was important, between a 1:4 at SV Elversberg and a visit to the Wiesn, which the pros, also thanks to an international break, will certainly not only celebrate with non-alcoholic beer. “We’re back on track,” said coach Michael Köllner, although goalkeeper Marco Hiller recalled what will soon be forgotten: that it “wasn’t our best game”. Comparing the performances or reading a reaction to the bitter defeat in victory is difficult because we were dealing with two very different opponents.

Elversberg is currently brimming with self-confidence; the Saarlanders took back the lead in the standings with an away win in Halle on Saturday. Aue, on the other hand, tried hard but also went to work unsettled, the Saxons are still without a win. On Friday, some in the grandstand wondered why Timo Rost actually left SpVgg Bayreuth as a promotion coach; Upper Franconia is second to last in the table, but still two points ahead of Aue. It is quite possible that Rost will soon no longer be a coach in Aue. After the press conference, contrary to all media reports, he was confident that he would be able to stay.

Köllner pointed out that the long league break will not be completely filled with Oktoberfest visits. There are two friendlies before Borussia Dortmund II on October 1st, plus a Toto Cup game on Tuesday in a week’s time at FV Illertissen. The coach is also confronted with a problem, albeit on a smaller scale, that is familiar to top-flight teams in particular: Leandro Morgalla has been seconded to the U19 national team. The central defender has only just turned 18 and is already a top performer. According to media reports, the club will announce the extension of his contract until 2026 after his return from international duty. From an economic point of view, the sixties are in a win-win situation: If the team is promoted, they can probably continue to plan with the great talent. Should he be sold, a large transfer fee should flow, which will help to pursue second division plans seriously.

By the way, there is a lioness who scored even more goals than Sheetnmacher last weekend: Sofia Endrizzi scored four times in the women’s season debut in the district class against FC Stern III (final score 4:2). It is not known whether Endrizzi also took a ball home as a souvenir.

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