Director Seidl stays away from the premiere of his film

Vienna (AP) – The Austrian director Ulrich Seidl has canceled his participation in the world premiere at the film festival in San Sebastián after allegations about his latest film “Sparta”. Seidl (“Dog Days”) thanked the director of the Spanish festival, José Luis Rebordinos, for showing the strip “despite the pressure from the media and despite the great turbulence”. In San Sebastián, the film was shown several times on Sunday.

Originally, Seidl wanted to accompany his work to San Sebastián. “However, I realized that my presence at the premiere could overshadow the reception of the film while now is the time for ‘Sparta’ to speak for itself,” the 69-year-old filmmaker said in a statement.

The child actors thing

The controversy over the shooting conditions of the film about a man with pedophilic tendencies was sparked by a report in “Spiegel”. Accordingly, child actors in Romania were confronted with scenes of alcoholism, violence and nudity without adequate preparation and care. In addition, rules for working with children are said to have not been observed. The Viennese city newspaper “Falter” also published incriminating statements from members of the production team this week. Seidl has denied the allegations.

The world premiere originally planned for the Toronto Film Festival was canceled by the organizers. After San Sebastián, “Sparta” is also scheduled to run at the Hamburg Film Festival in early October. However, the planned awarding of the Douglas Sirk Prize to Seidl in Hamburg will be waived in Hamburg, “since the allegations would overshadow an award ceremony,” as festival director Albert Wiederspiel explained.

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