Driver disregards control: policeman jumps to the side

Crime – Berlin : Driver disregards control: policeman jumps to the side

Crime - Berlin: The blue light on a police vehicle lights up. Photo: Monika Skolimowska/zb/dpa/Symbolbild
The blue light on a police vehicle is on. Photo: Monika Skolimowska/zb/dpa/Symbolbild (Photo: dpa)

Directly from the dpa news channel

Berlin (dpa / bb) – During a traffic check in Berlin-Spandau, a police officer had to jump to the side to save himself from a car driving towards him. The officials identified a 20-year-old suspect, whom they first arrested and then released after establishing their identity, the police said on Sunday. The car, which was occupied by several people, had disregarded a ban on driving through before midnight and had driven on Rhenaniastraße in the direction of Am Havelgarten, where the police were just carrying out a check. An officer stepped onto the roadway and tried to stop the car with a stop stick. However, he accelerated and headed straight for the man, who jumped aside. The pursuit was initially unsuccessful. Eventually, officers found the abandoned and damaged rental car with a flat tire on nearby Pohleseestrasse. Traces were secured and a mobile phone was confiscated. The further investigation led the officials to the 20-year-old.

The police are investigating dangerous interference in road traffic, attempted dangerous bodily harm and traffic accident escape.

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