Erdmann and Freitag new Green double leadership

Neumünster (dpa / lno) – The former member of parliament and state secretary Anke Erdmann and the Kiel district manager Gazi Freitag form the new dual leadership of the Schleswig-Holstein Greens. Erdmann received 104 votes at a state party conference in Neumünster on Saturday. 11 delegates voted no and 4 abstained. The 42-year-old Friday prevailed with 66 to 52 votes against the local politician Katarina Bartsch from the Duchy of Lauenburg.

In her introductory speech, Erdmann, who is married to the Mayor of Kiel Ulf Kaempfer (SPD), stated that she wanted to be the second strongest party in the local elections next May and to defend first place in Schleswig-Holstein in the next European elections. “I’m energetic, persistent and combative, especially when it comes to the outside world,” said the 50-year-old. Freitag said the strength of democracy is how you treat society’s most vulnerable. “I don’t have to be perfect to make the world a better place for others.”

Mayra Vriesema (North Friesland), Marlene Langholz-Kaiser (Flensburg), Christian Judith (Schleswig-Flensburg) and Wiebke Garling-Witt (Stormarn) were elected deputy chairmen. The new state treasurer is Sven Gebhardt (Flensburg).

The two previous chairmen, Anna Tranziska and Steffen Regis, did not stand again. In his speech at the beginning of the party conference, Regis defended the federal government’s energy policy. He combined this with criticism of the CDU and CSU, which argued independently of facts. “The only blackout is the political one in the CDU and CSU, especially in Bavaria,” Regis said.

However, it will be a tough winter. The task of the Greens in this situation is to protect social justice. But he also warned the Berlin coalition partner FDP to jump over their own shadow and clear the way for more climate protection.

Erdmann and Freitag also criticized the FDP. “I hope that the FDP will continue to move,” said Erdmann on Sunday on the sidelines of the party conference. When it comes to inflation, which is causing citizens great concern, the Greens must make it clear that it is also a question of fossil inflation. “It’s Russia’s war that’s driving up prices and we have fossil inflation – we’ve made ourselves dependent on Russia and are now paying the bill for years of slowing down and oversleeping the energy transition.”

The traffic light coalition has made climate protection its mission, emphasized Freitag. “If we have the feeling that nothing is coming from the FDP, that’s simply the danger. The Greens are not happy in a coalition that doesn’t allow climate protection.” He had the impression that his party would be harmed.

The party congress unanimously decided on a key motion on social and climate policy. The expansion of renewable energies is an important step in reducing dependence on expensive oil and gas, said Energy Transition Minister Tobias Goldschmidt. Social Affairs Minister Aminata Touré spoke of a time of multiple crises. Schleswig-Holstein has never taken in as many refugees since the Second World War as it did during the war in Ukraine. That is an enormous challenge.

The leader of the state parliament, Lasse Petersdotter, advocated considering all crises in parallel. “Everything works together.” He criticized Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP), who wanted to fight the crises from the current budget. Schleswig-Holstein is doing the right thing and financing the state’s aid package with loans. “That’s why I’m very worried about this federal budget,” said Petersdotter. The division of society must be stopped, said Finance Minister Monika Heinold. This intention should not be restricted by the debt brake.

In a further application, the state association joined the call of the Fridays for Future movement for a 100 billion euro special fund for climate protection.

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