Fill up with Rock once, please!

“You can always sing along. We also have a few canons with us. If you don’t have a song sheet yet, they’re lying out there…” Two dozen people who had made themselves comfortable in the pews of the Rupert Mayer Church , stand up again and strive in the mentioned direction. A couple, however, uses the opportunity to steal away again. “I hated canon at school,” he murmurs to his companion. For everyone else, an hour begins in the “Long Night of Music” in Poing , in which they themselves contribute to enlarging the cloud of sound in the town.

Whereby the cloud at the sixth edition of the event is his thing: It’s not raining, but there is a cold wind whistling. All performances are moved inside, “chamber music” so to speak. Some of what was announced in the open air has been cancelled. If you haven’t made a plan but want to enjoy yourself spontaneously, you can’t be inspired by sounds that you’re going to follow at random – but by the many small groups and larger streams of passers-by that you’re going to join at random. It also proves to be a good idea to quickly ask about the mood and recommendations at the shuttle bus stops: “Where are you from?” and “How was it there?” This direct communication is amazing in the age of social media – and at the same time gratifying.

Poinger Long Night of Music: The Klezmer pieces by "Freylach Zayn" are charged with stories and feelings, but also with a lot of energy.

The Klezmer pieces by “Freylach Zayn” are charged with stories and feelings, but also with a lot of energy.

(Photo: Peter Hinz-Rosin)

One of the places where the flying change between the keys is planned from the outset are the two stages in the Seerosenschule and the Anni Pickert School. In front of a full house, the Accordeonissimo Orchestra shows how much passion can be heard from their instruments when the ensemble plays well-known film music in clever arrangements. Then it’s off to the courtyard to listen to Freylach Zayn ‘s klezmer pieces, charged with stories and feelings, but also with so much energy that it tempts the first to dance. The changeover break leads back across the courtyard, where meanwhile the local heroes from Puls grab the strings with verve and celebrate rock’n’roll, just like any wedding or company party.

Location hopping dominates at the beginning, but that changes over the course of the evening

As the hour progresses, the decisions “Continue or stay?” noticeably heavier. Again and again, couples or groups can be observed in which someone pulls the program out of their pocket, leafs through it, looks at the others with a questioning look and then, with a casual shrug of the shoulders, votes for “stay”. This rousing 1960s and 1970s musical feeling could also be called up with Gainesville , who play in the workshops of the Bavarian State Opera in a casual and groovy way. Or with the rich sound of full funk power in the Karl Sittler School.

In the early hours of the long night, one effect dominates the superficial perception: hopping from station to station. At least 30 of them are spread across the municipal area, where a total of 42 ensembles perform. In addition to the spontaneous music travellers, plenty of people with extensive listening plans have apparently also made their way. They treat themselves to a quarter of an hour here, half a set there, and then rush to the next station. Both strategies have merit. Some can follow a planned route of musical styles and sound temperaments, others can let themselves be carried away by spontaneous discoveries.

The organizational team did a great job: there is something for everyone

In any case, anyone who accompanies them on their way through the village for a while will sense a similar degree of anticipation for what is to come and enthusiasm about what they have just heard in both groups. In the course of the evening, the two factions mix, you take it slower, linger somewhere longer, at least you’ve managed to find “a good place” to sit, or you show yourself generous: “They’re going to give a concert soon anyway , let’s go then.”

What the organizing team of the “long night” deserves a medal for is the richness of the menu they serve and with which they delight a wide range of musical tastes. There is graceful, classical music such as the cheerful clarinet pieces by the Poinger Lisa Riepl together with her piano accompanist Antonia Miller in the Christuskirche, thoughtful and cheerful songs by the singer-songwriter Jan Wannemacher, who plays in a pizzeria, lively and sensual jazz by The Summerhouse Five as well the Christ Church, which is surprisingly acoustically inviting, or an unusual interpretation of the “Brass Music” program by the Funkenflug ensemble, also there. Far from covering “everything” that the term “music” suggests, there is nevertheless a unifying thought that proves itself on this evening: music is pure joie de vivre.

Poinger Long Night of Music: The "Ensemble Funkenflug" performed in the evangelical Christ Church...

The “Ensemble Funkenflug” performed in the evangelical Christ Church…

(Photo: Peter Hinz-Rosin)

Poinger Long Night of Music: ...the Poinger Dreigesang in the Baywa market next to indoor plants and pet food...

…the Poinger Dreigesang in the Baywa market next to indoor plants and pet food…

(Photo: Peter Hinz-Rosin)

Poinger Long Night of Music: ...and the rockers from "Brockhouse" in the sales room of the OMV petrol station on Gruber Straße.

…and the rockers from “Brockhouse” in the sales room of the OMV gas station on Gruber Straße.

(Photo: Peter Hinz-Rosin)

Last but not least, some rather unusual venues contribute to this. In the camping department of the Baywa market, for example, opposite house plants and pet food, the Poinger Dreigesang , accompanied by the zither, dedicates itself to the local singing consideration of “Rosenstraucherl kahl” and the “Bleamerln dort”, briefly interrupted by the loudspeaker announcement, an employee please go to the wooden section and be accompanied by the rhythmic clattering of a shopping trolley, the user of which notices her involuntary participation in the Gstanzl too late and accompanies it with an embarrassed smile. Also surprising are the hard rock riffs that sound from the sales room of the OMV gas station that evening, in which the three musicians from Brockhouse play all the classics from “Beds are burning” to “Policy of truth” to “Turn the page”. precisely and intoxicatingly, so that every rocker’s heart trembles. Even if he actually only stopped by that evening to fill up his Golf and eat a currywurst.

Poinger Long Night of Music: Garage rock in the most literal sense: "Harvest Moon" in the Rissling garage on Eichenweg.

Garage rock in the most literal sense: “Harvest Moon” in the Rissling garage on Eichenweg.

(Photo: Peter Hinz-Rosin)

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