Hamburg's S-Bahn is again running at the usual rate over the Elbe

Hamburg (dpa / lno) – Almost six weeks after a truck fire under a railway bridge, the Hamburg S-Bahn has resumed its usual operations over the Elbe. The repair of the damaged bridge was completed early, as a spokesman for Deutsche Bahn said on Sunday. Actually, the two-track operation on lines S3 and S31 should only start again on Monday. Since the fire, the line across the North Elbe could only be used as a single track. The section between Hammerbrook and Wilhelmsburg was completely closed on Saturday.

On August 8, a truck driver stopped under the railway bridge on the North Elbe when he noticed a fire in his vehicle. No one was injured in the fire, but there was major damage to the steel girders of the bridge and the platform at Elbbrücken station. The S-Bahn used a shuttle train between Hammerbrook and Wilhelmsburg stations. In addition, bus lines have been strengthened and a rail replacement service set up. The travel time between downtown Hamburg and the parts of the city south of the Elbe has increased considerably. The CDU parliamentary group and the German trade union federation had sharply criticized the traffic planning and spoke of “chaos”.

The current repair of the bridge is temporary. The transfer was stored on plastic cushions, which cannot be obtained again quickly because they have to be manufactured individually, a railway spokesman explained at the beginning of the month. That is why the bridge was initially supported on a steel framework. This so-called yoke is to be dismantled again by the end of the year and replaced by storage on new plastic cushions. It will probably not be necessary to interrupt operations again. The conversion should take place during the nightly breaks in operation, said the spokesman.

The trains in the direction of the main station cannot stop at the Elbbrücken station for the time being because the repairs to the platform are ongoing. Passengers from the south of the city who want to get off or change trains at the station must continue to Hammerbrook and from there take a train in the opposite direction.

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