"I haven't seen a single cemetery that hasn't been desecrated"

destructiveness? right-wing extremism? There are Jewish burial sites in Bavaria that were devastated before, during and after the Nazi era. A research project is now investigating these acts, which are simply stunned.


Olaf Przybilla , Bad Windsheim

Some of the 63 tombstones that were desecrated in a Jewish cemetery in Diespeck in central Franconia were centuries old. That was 15 years ago, when the police were still looking for “unknowns”. But what was immediately obvious: there were people at work who had given free rein to their destructiveness. More than half the stones of this 18th-century burial ground were damaged, including 11 stones from a memorial to Jewish soldiers who died in World War I. A political act? It could also be pure “vandalism” behind it, the investigators said.

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