In a tracksuit to work

Many children dream of becoming professional athletes. But in most sports it is difficult to earn enough money to live on. From the everyday life of a marathon runner.


Valentin Dornis

dream jobs

His eyes stare at the asphalt in front of him, Hendrik Pfeiffer keeps biting his lower lip. Now it’s going to be really hard, that is. The muscles burn from the exertion. When he comes up the hill at the Munich Friedensengel for the fourth time, you can see that his working day is not just fun today. He is a professional athlete, more precisely: a marathon runner. This Monday in August he is running at the European Championships, in the jersey of the German national team he completes four laps on a course through downtown Munich. In the end he will finish the 42.195 kilometers in 24th place, but above all: The 29-year-old wins the silver medal with the German team. After starting at the Olympics in 2021 and winning the German Championships in spring, he can now call himself Vice European Champion.

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